College and Law School guidance

"Whether applying to undergraduate schools, study abroad programs, or graduate schools, ACS was always there to help--preparing me for standardized tests, walking me through my college applications, and helping me to write compelling admissions essays. Mr. Coakley walked me through the complexities of the college admission process. Yet, beyond helping me to earn admission to several top undergraduate schools--University of British Columbia, Georgetown, Oxford, Boston U, Carnegie Mellon U, Mr. Coakley also nurtured the personal and academic skills I needed to succeed as a student at such top tier universities. More recently, ACS guided me through the stressful law school admissions process helping me to earn admissions to such excellent law schools as Boston College, Boston Univ., Fordham, Univ. of Notre Dame, Hastings, and many others. Without ACS's help, I can honestly say I would not be the successful person I am today. I simply cannot recommend Mr. Coakley highly enough!"

Jon Piron

J.D/MBA, Boston College, 2013
B. A. Boston University