Engineering Mgt for Life

"I can honestly say that the environment Mr. Coakley created in his courses were some of the most intense learning experiences that I have faced throughout all of my schooling.  The intimate class sizes of 6 to 8 students always allowed for personal interaction with all of his students. He also had an uncanny ability to help us think about and tackle problems in a new way. He also constantly challenged us to better ourselves in all aspects of our lives. He would always hold us personally accountable if we weren’t reading enough, receiving high enough marks on our practice exams, or excelling to our full potential in extracurricular activities.  He would make us explain our reasoning for all of our actions, which allowed us to understand why we were behaving in the way we were and empowered us to change our actions in a positive manner. In addition, Mr. Coakley has been proven to be an unbelievable mentor.  This is something that is not advertised as a part of his courses, but he has always made himself available to provide guidance in his students' lives.  Whether making a decision about something simple such as what book to read or something more life altering such as what college to enter or what job to take, Mr. C has always given honest and unbiased opinions that, in my opinion, have steered me in the right direction. Without his classes and mentoring, I truly feel I would not be in the successful position I now enjoy. Thanks, Mr. C!"

Devin Ritholz
B.S. Engineering & Management Science
Southern Methodist University

Executive Director, Corporate Solutions, MGM Resorts
Former: Accenture, Systems Integration- SAP CRM