Academic Coaching Services will help prevent learning loss among students undertaking distance learning this Fall 2020. To address potential learning challenges, ACS will offer daily instruction & tutoring in core classes for CCSD students in grades 7-9--those who desire or need additional academic support than what is provided in a distance learning/home school setting. Families can be confident that enrolled students will remain at or above grade level as they continue pursuing a college-prep education.


Let's learn together

While many students can and will succeed when learning independently in the home-school setting, we know that some students require more direct instruction and enrichment. Academic Coaching Services will offer daily teaching in core subjects: math (Algebra, Geometry), science (Biology, Chemistry, etc.), English, History, and other courses. In addition to completing school assignments, our focus at ACS will continue to be on academic enrichment. Students will prepare for advanced high school courses by completing academic work beyond what may be required by their school program. Interested and motivated students will be welcomed into the program.

Additional information on scheduling options will be forthcoming. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Fall 2020 supplemental school program provided by Academic Coaching Services.