"The college admission process is more competitive than ever. Whenever family friends ask for advice on how to earn admission to a top university, without hesitation, I suggest that they take time to speak with my mentor and friend, Mr. Clarence Coakley. Many college counselors can give general advice for SAT preparation and college selection, but what truly separates Mr. Coakley is his ability and unwavering commitment to give personal, specialized guidance for each of his students. As his student, I was pushed hard to work harder, and think deeper. I would not be the person that I am today without his guidance, and it is with deep appreciation that I recommend you consider working with Mr. Coakley."

Eric Glyman
A.B., Harvard, 2012

"Let me start by saying that I was accepted into every university to which I applied--all thirteen, a goal I could not have come close to achieving without Mr. Coakley’s firm guidance. My admitted universities included the University of Southern California (USC), Brown, Brandeis, New York University, Boston University and Cornell. In addition to this honor and with Mr. Coakley’s guidance in the financial aid process, I was only responsible for about $18,000 of my $55,000 yearly tuition at USC, my chosen university.  In pure monetary value, this alone makes Academic Coaching Services a profound investment for any prospective student. As a matter of fact, I'm about to enlist his guidance, once again, in applying for graduate schools. I couldn't imagine the admissions process without him.  The environment of Mr. Coakley's classroom is excellent for academic progress. Class sizes are small, personal and focused-- much like the atmosphere of a classroom at a top university. His class is a rigorous training ground for all things related to the college application process and beyond, everything from SATs to admissions essays to deciding on which college could be the best choice for you.  His assistance has benefited me professionally in more ways than I can explain in such a brief testimonial; however, just let it be known that five years and one college graduation later, Mr. Coakley continues to mentor me as his student, and we have maintained contact to this day."

Marcello Coluccio
B.A. with Honors in English and Creative Writing, 2009
University of Southern California

"I can honestly say that the environment Mr. Coakley created in his courses were some of the most intense learning experiences that I have faced throughout all of my schooling.  The intimate class sizes of 10 to 15 students always allowed for personal interaction with all of his students. He also had an uncanny ability to help us think about and tackle problems in a new way. He also constantly challenged us to better ourselves in all aspects of our lives. He would always hold us personally accountable if we weren’t reading enough, receiving high enough marks on our practice exams, or excelling to our full potential in extracurricular activities.  He would make us explain our reasoning for all of our actions, which allowed us to understand why we were behaving in the way we were and empowered us to change our actions in a positive manner. In addition, Mr. Coakley has been proven to be an unbelievable mentor.  This is something that is not advertised as a part of his courses, but he has always made himself available to provide guidance in his students' lives.  Whether making a decision about something simple such as what book to read or something more life altering such as what college to enter or what job to take, Mr. C has always given honest and unbiased opinions that, in my opinion, have steered me in the right direction. Without his classes and mentoring, I truly feel I would not be in the successful position I now enjoy. Thanks, Mr. C!"

Devin Ritholz
Systems Integration- SAP CRM
B.S. Engineering & Management Science
Southern Methodist University

"When my sophomore year of high school quickly rolled around, my family and I weren't sure how to start the application process. We desperately needed guidance on out-of-state colleges, financial aid, and scholarship applications. The extensive time and care Mr. Coakley took to work with me on every single essay and application set me far ahead of my peers in preparation. I was accepted to 8 out of 10 top undergraduate colleges I applied to and finally decided to attend Boston University (on scholarship). After graduating a year early from my Bachelors degree, I spent time working and traveling throughout Africa before returning to Washington D.C. for work. ACS, once again, helped me complete my graduate school applications; Mr. Coakley even contributed a valuable reference to my applications. Once again, I was accepted into 7 of the 9 Masters programs I applied to, both in the U.S. and abroad! Over the next two years, I completed my Masters in Public Health at The George Washington University and joined Mr. Coakley as a graduate assistant each time I visited my family in Las Vegas. I was more than happy to share my college experiences with younger students and help the next generation of students with their applications. Last year, I finished my thesis while working for the U.S. Government and moved to Southern California, where I now work full-time in the private sector and visit ACS as often as I can. Only seven short years have passed since I first walked into ACS, but the academic foundation I received from Mr. Coakley has continuously proven successful in each step of my young career. I highly recommend ACS to very family and student even considering college!"

Michelle Brinlee
B.A. International Relations, 2007, Boston University
MPH. Global Health, 2010, The George Washington University, School of Public Health and Health Services


"When I was about to enter high school, I realized that I had little direction and that school alone wouldn’t be enough to reach my highest potential. I met with Mr. Coakley at ACS and immediately had faith that he could help me not only achieve my goals but also uncover what potential goals might be. I believe ACS is the reason I attended a top ten university and also earn a four-year military scholarship. Thank you, Mr. Coakley for all you have done for me. I will always remember your intellectual guidance, dedication to helping me succeed, and genuine concern for my future."

Kyle Clarke
Captain, US Army (Ret.)
B.S. Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis

"Whether applying to undergraduate schools, study abroad programs, or graduate schools, ACS was always there to help--preparing me for standardized tests, walking me through my college applications, and helping me to write compelling admissions essays. Mr. Coakley walked me through the complexities of the college admission process. Yet, beyond helping me to earn admission to several top undergraduate schools--University of British Columbia, Georgetown, Oxford, Boston U, Carnegie Mellon U, Mr. Coakley also nurtured the personal and academic skills I needed to succeed as a student at such top tier universities. More recently, ACS guided me through the stressful law school admissions process helping me to earn admissions to such excellent law schools as Boston College, Boston Univ., Fordham, Univ. of Notre Dame, Hastings, and many others. Without ACS's help, I can honestly say I would not be the successful person I am today. I simply cannot recommend Mr. Coakley highly enough!"

Jon Piron

J.D/MBA, Boston College, 2013
B. A. Boston University