Your Academic Coaches

Your Academic Coaches:

President, ACS
Ed.M. Counseling Psychology, Harvard University
B.S. Education, Northwestern University

Areas of Expertise:

  • Choosing the “right” college fit for a student;
  • Current issues with the ACT & SAT Tests—their relevance and strategies for increasing scores;
  • Completing the appropriate high school curriculum that leads to better success in selective college admissions;
  • Completing a superior application for admissions, including strong essays and short-answer statements.
  • Understanding scholarships and financial aid—without the gimmicks.


Stan Schoener

B.S., USAF Academy

          After a successful twenty-year career as a Navigator in the United States Air Force, Stan Schoener earned two masters degrees in teaching and began his second career as a math instructor in the Clark County School District. Using a calm, assertive approach, Mr. Schoener translates complex mathematical ideas into meaningful elements that even the most confused--or intimidated--students can often appreciate and understand. With his dynamic and engaging teaching style, Mr. Schoener has become one of the most sought after math coaches in our community.